Last night I dreamt of Ina (a Filipino term that our family uses to refer to my mom). In my dream, we were on a random street walking with my dad and my cousin and she was telling me how she wants to connect to the internet on her phone…

I always tell people to do this — to always insist on the beautiful, and today, I saw myself preaching it to none other than myself.

Earlier at work, I almost snapped at someone after hearing some words that you wouldn’t want to hear when you’ve been working so hard…

Today I cleaned up all my blogs and decided to publish all of my future writing here. Also, I’ve been planning (and failing) to publish some sort of portfolio for years now, and I think streamlining all of my thoughts in one place can help.

To give you an idea…

Joshua Cerbito

Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

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