What’s In Here?

Web Development

More than just the job that pays the bills, Web Development is one of my passions that I’d like to write/talk about here. I’ll try to write Case Studies, Short Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, and I’ll also probably blog about some of the amazing stuff I’m currently working on.

Fighting Games

I love playing competitive games, especially fighting games. I once competed in a Tekken 6 National Tournament, and even though I didn’t get to Top 16, I still loved every moment of it. It’s really fascinating how playing fighting games is like playing a mixture of chess and traditional sports in a sense that you mustn’t just be prepared mentally, but also physically. Every once in a while, I still go to Youtube and watch Evo Moment 37. I mean, if that’s not gonna get you into fighting games, I don’t know what will. Let’s talk about some of those here.

Christian Apologetics

This is probably the one that I’m going to write the most about.



Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

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