• Ryan Chartrand

    Ryan Chartrand

    Web producer/designer/account manager @X_Team developing new, innovative ideas by the minute. Cal Poly journalism grad.

  • Clay


    Back-stabbing since 1992.

  • Nico Encarnacion

    Nico Encarnacion

  • Justin Flores

    Justin Flores

    Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering. @ TUP TAGUIG ★★☆★★ #God is my HERO!

  • Diomari Madulara

    Diomari Madulara

    Software engineer. Works with code, design and everything in between. https://diom.dev

  • Jear Velasquez

    Jear Velasquez

    Graphic Artist, Procrastinator, and a Mini-Boss. Soon I'll change the world.. After I'm done chillin'

  • Kelvin Dhel Ocampo

    Kelvin Dhel Ocampo

  • JR Biz

    JR Biz

    I write about the theology and philosophy of every day life and popular culture | Writer for Buried and Born.

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