Ina and 3G

Last night I dreamt of Ina (a Filipino term that our family uses to refer to my mom). In my dream, we were on a random street walking with my dad and my cousin and she was telling me how she wants to connect to the internet on her phone, and post some photos of the place we’re going to. She was so excited because her amigas told her that she can use two different data providers on her phone. Naturally I was confused because I know that she only has 1 mobile number, and that her iPhone can only hold 1 sim card. Apparently, she thought that 3G and 4G were two different data providers, and thought that she can simply switch between the two depending on which has better reception.

I smiled a bit and leaned towards her as she wrapped her left arm around my waist. While walking, I explained to her what 3G and 4G is in typical millennial-explains-tech-to-a-boomer fashion (which is not too different from trying to explain tech to a five year-old). She quickly understood my explanation which isn’t normal for a boomer, but pretty normal for my mom. She was happy to have learned something new, but was also disappointed knowing that she has no other data options if her data provider’s reception isn’t that good on our destination.

I kept my arms wrapped around her, kissed her on the head and told her that she can use my data plan whenever she wants to. And then I woke up.

I got a bit teary eyed, but I’m also thankful that I was able to see her once again. I miss my mom. She opened my eyes to the beauty of teaching, and she’s definitely the main reason why I do what I do now (teaching and training other people). The methods I employ while teaching, I learned it all from her. The enthusiasm to share what I know, I also got it from her. The willingness to be the one being taught, I also learned that from her. She was one of the greatest educators I knew, and I’m not only saying that because she’s my mom, but because there are hundreds of people out there that will gladly share their own learning experience from my mom, and how she helped them grow to who they are now.

I miss her to bits.




Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

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Joshua Cerbito

Joshua Cerbito

Web Developer. Street Photographer. Christian Apologist.

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